Cooking is really all in the groceries, baking is in the fractions.

I can cook. I like to eat the food I cook, but I might be the only one. So, maybe I’m not so good at cooking. The whole, pinch, poke, dash, whatever, it’s too messy.

I am very good at precision however. Numbers. Ahh. I do love a good set of instructions that read more like a math textbook than a cookbook. 1/4 tsp of baking soda, 2 tsp vanilla – Great! I own a fabulous set of measuring spoons and cups. We work really well together. Baking- now, baking is my thing. I made a mean black bean, avacado brownie tonight. Perfect texture, just the right amount of sweet.

To me, cooking seemed pert near impossible. Way too complicated, too many possibilities of food poisoning. But then, the ultimate DIY, how-to-cooking fell into my lap. I LEARNED THE SECRET.

I figured out how to grocery shop!!!

Holy crap. You don’t realize how eye-opening that is! Spending money on vegetables, meat, and fruits instead of chips and salsa and chocolate? Wow. How easy it is to cook with a stocked fridge and a hot frying pan. I knew how to cook all along, which must be some culinary miracle.

Dinner is served.

But, to be honest, cooking is really my hubbys thing. He knows flavors and how to make great food, and I just make sure it’s unburnt and edible.


2 thoughts on “Cooking is really all in the groceries, baking is in the fractions.

  1. Ha! I loved your post! Yes, you can cook and as you get the rhythm down it will be like second nature! Most of the times I don’t mind grocery shopping and when given enough time I can whip up a thing or two in the kitchen. Mitch isn’t too bad with the flavor combos, is he???

    Your blog looks great! Keep writing!

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