Something a little less green.

Ask yourself, what do Heidi Klum and Amber have in common? (Aside from the obvious fact that we are both incredibly popular, blonde, supermodels…).

Slime and nice clothing.

The pictures of Heidi Klum below are credited to Albert E. Rodriguez, Getty Images North America from Nickelodeons 25th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards.

It was an innocent Monday morning of Pin Attire. I was ready for class a full hour ahead of time. I had put on my nice dress pants and a nice warm jacket. I looked very polished and was very pleased with my overall appearance. In my own humble opinion, I looked a little something like supermodel Heidi Klum.


I was strolling down to the kitchen to put a lid on my bright green and delicious spinach shake when it happened. The end all be all of my perfect morning. I was speechless as the extremely tasty, full, 20 oz shake tumbled out of my grasp. Unfortunately, there were no hidden cameras, so no one caught it on film… but I would like to think it looked something like this…


And there I stood, in the kitchen, covered in Slime. I couldn’t help but laugh. I had to change into something a little less green.


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