Post-Grad Life Update

Since the last time I posted, I have graduated from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, I became a 2014 NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field All-American, I moved to North Carolina to live with my husband, and we are now the proud parents of two fancy rats named Igor & Salmon.

I would have to say that my lifestyle is a bit different than it was just two months ago back in the ‘Dale. Pre-collegiate graduation, I was always busy, I scheduled my life to the millisecond, and I could normally be heard talking about lifting weights. Post-grad? Well, since the move to NC is brief, I am willfully without employment, and have very little responsibility aside from keeping all of us fed and the house clean. I am enjoying a new workout regime that pre-grad me would have laughed at and vehemently said I would never do. I currently do Pilates, Yoga, & Barre classes every week and practically live at the beach in the waves. I still have hopes for archery and boxing this summer if all goes as planned.

I have learned how to cook, and finally understand that cookbooks are not just large bookends that hold prized family recipes. In fact, they are quite useful! Although Pinterest cooking is just as useful and has coached me through some of my newer, tastier dishes. I love to grocery shop and my cart is always about 90% perimeter foods. Prep cooking has become one of my favorite activities. I love not having dishes to do every day of the week and knowing that I already have healthy food and snacks prepared for us to eat! 

If you have never seen a pet rat and think they are gross, I highly suggest that you meet Igor & Salmon. They are so much fun and have great personalities! Mitchie is currently training them to do tricks. They really are great pets and while I had my reservations about them before we got them, I couldn’t be happier! 

Mitchie and myself have been discussing the possibility of downsizing to a travel trailer for our move home, which would be a fantastic idea if Michigan winters and cities were more conducive to living that lifestyle successfully or our prized vehicle could pull such a contraption. If we were going to stay here and to keep living “that beach life”, I would already be typing this from the “front porch” of a 31′ airstream. 

So for now, until there is more. 



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