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Post-Grad Life Update

Since the last time I posted, I have graduated from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, I became a 2014 NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field All-American, I moved to North Carolina to live with my husband, and we are now the proud parents of two fancy rats named Igor & Salmon.

I would have to say that my lifestyle is a bit different than it was just two months ago back in the ‘Dale. Pre-collegiate graduation, I was always busy, I scheduled my life to the millisecond, and I could normally be heard talking about lifting weights. Post-grad? Well, since the move to NC is brief, I am willfully without employment, and have very little responsibility aside from keeping all of us fed and the house clean. I am enjoying a new workout regime that pre-grad me would have laughed at and vehemently said I would never do. I currently do Pilates, Yoga, & Barre classes every week and practically live at the beach in the waves. I still have hopes for archery and boxing this summer if all goes as planned.

I have learned how to cook, and finally understand that cookbooks are not just large bookends that hold prized family recipes. In fact, they are quite useful! Although Pinterest cooking is just as useful and has coached me through some of my newer, tastier dishes. I love to grocery shop and my cart is always about 90% perimeter foods. Prep cooking has become one of my favorite activities. I love not having dishes to do every day of the week and knowing that I already have healthy food and snacks prepared for us to eat! 

If you have never seen a pet rat and think they are gross, I highly suggest that you meet Igor & Salmon. They are so much fun and have great personalities! Mitchie is currently training them to do tricks. They really are great pets and while I had my reservations about them before we got them, I couldn’t be happier! 

Mitchie and myself have been discussing the possibility of downsizing to a travel trailer for our move home, which would be a fantastic idea if Michigan winters and cities were more conducive to living that lifestyle successfully or our prized vehicle could pull such a contraption. If we were going to stay here and to keep living “that beach life”, I would already be typing this from the “front porch” of a 31′ airstream. 

So for now, until there is more. 



Something a little less green.

Ask yourself, what do Heidi Klum and Amber have in common? (Aside from the obvious fact that we are both incredibly popular, blonde, supermodels…).

Slime and nice clothing.

The pictures of Heidi Klum below are credited to Albert E. Rodriguez, Getty Images North America from Nickelodeons 25th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards.

It was an innocent Monday morning of Pin Attire. I was ready for class a full hour ahead of time. I had put on my nice dress pants and a nice warm jacket. I looked very polished and was very pleased with my overall appearance. In my own humble opinion, I looked a little something like supermodel Heidi Klum.


I was strolling down to the kitchen to put a lid on my bright green and delicious spinach shake when it happened. The end all be all of my perfect morning. I was speechless as the extremely tasty, full, 20 oz shake tumbled out of my grasp. Unfortunately, there were no hidden cameras, so no one caught it on film… but I would like to think it looked something like this…


And there I stood, in the kitchen, covered in Slime. I couldn’t help but laugh. I had to change into something a little less green.


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Suit up.

I LOVE birthdays! Before I graduated high school I knew almost every single one of my class mates birthdays. I am horrible at remembering names. As I ventured into college, in a new territory of unfamiliar people whose names I didn’t know, I quickly resorted to asking the question: When is your birthday? As odd and strange as it may be, I know a TON of birthdays, and when I think about someone or I am looking at the calendar, that is often one of the first things that comes to mind. With names, I am also horrible about calling people or mailing things on time. Chances are, I was the first person to remember it was your birthday, and the last to wish you it. (A fact I am not proud of. However, my little cousin turns One on Thursday, and he already received his present! Woo.)

My track team has an annual talent show, and aside from my athletic abilities, I have little stage worthy talent and public speaking makes me really nervous. So, I did what any sane business student would do and I “suited up” Barney Stinson style and recited my entire teams birthdays, a total of about 50, in around two minutes. Creepy? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Talent? Well, the jury is out, but I did get a pretty good score.


Above is a picture of me in my “Birthday Suit” after completing my talent without any major errors. Trust me, Barney Stinson has great advice, at least in the clothing category. When you look good, anything really is possible. 

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Vote Amber Smith, 2028.

I was a very strange child. I had huge dreams. I’ve never had a “things to do, places to see” type of bucket list, I had a “jobs I want to have” list. This mostly started in high school and I have been adding to it ever since. Some of them were far fetched. Others, more realistic. To be honest, reality starts at #6, but for the love of the next generation don’t be a dream squisher! So, please enjoy my ridiculous job list below.

  1. President of the United States of America 2028
  2. Victoria’s Secret Angel
  3. Olympian
  4. Cover Model of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
  5. CEO of Google
  6. Bartender
  7. Personal Trainer
  8. Own a Boxing Gym
  9. Own a sandwich restaurant
  10. Professional Organizer
  11. Event Planner
  12. Professional Figure Competitor

As a kid, (and by kid I mean teenager), I had big dreams. I haven’t stopped dreaming, but my dreams have changed. I still can’t stand dream squishers though. I went to college with the intent of being the first female President. (There are at least two half-page sports articles and a spanish presentation that reference this from high school…) And you know what, everyone thought I was crazy, but some of my closest allies also thought I might just be able to do it because I believed like all get out that I could.

Lot’s of people told me I couldn’t, and the more they told me that, the more I wanted to prove them wrong. I eventually decided that my pep, optimism, and belief that the world is good would be better suited for a different career, one I still haven’t added to my list of jobs yet. But I beg you, don’t be a dream squisher. Whatever that little kid says they want to be when they grow up- encourage the hell out of it. Who knows- you might be their biggest role model and the reason they pursued their big dream.

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Cooking is really all in the groceries, baking is in the fractions.

I can cook. I like to eat the food I cook, but I might be the only one. So, maybe I’m not so good at cooking. The whole, pinch, poke, dash, whatever, it’s too messy.

I am very good at precision however. Numbers. Ahh. I do love a good set of instructions that read more like a math textbook than a cookbook. 1/4 tsp of baking soda, 2 tsp vanilla – Great! I own a fabulous set of measuring spoons and cups. We work really well together. Baking- now, baking is my thing. I made a mean black bean, avacado brownie tonight. Perfect texture, just the right amount of sweet.

To me, cooking seemed pert near impossible. Way too complicated, too many possibilities of food poisoning. But then, the ultimate DIY, how-to-cooking fell into my lap. I LEARNED THE SECRET.

I figured out how to grocery shop!!!

Holy crap. You don’t realize how eye-opening that is! Spending money on vegetables, meat, and fruits instead of chips and salsa and chocolate? Wow. How easy it is to cook with a stocked fridge and a hot frying pan. I knew how to cook all along, which must be some culinary miracle.

Dinner is served.

But, to be honest, cooking is really my hubbys thing. He knows flavors and how to make great food, and I just make sure it’s unburnt and edible.

The Holiday Tree.

This year, I want to have a Holiday Tree. Nope, this doesn’t mean I plan on ditching my Christmas Tree, and I’m not just being PC, I’m being literal.

I am going to keep my tree up all year-long and decorate it for every holiday.

My Great Aunt has kept a holiday tree in her house all year round for longer than I’ve been alive. I would like to think in a way I will be carrying on a family tradition by decorating my own. Plus, my husband really dislikes overhead lighting and thinks the sparkle of the white lighted tree gives a nice glow to our living room.

I started this year with decorating my Christmas Tree. Ornaments are one of my favorite items, and I love getting new ones. After Christmas was over, I removed all of the Christmas themed ornaments and kept it simple for New Years. Valentines Day will be next up I suppose and my tree, and my home, will be full of love!



Here is my crazy awesome Christmas tree!


Merry Holidays!

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Wake up early, be a ninja.

Something I have always loved doing is waking up before everyone else. I love when the house is quiet and I can get things accomplished. (Selfishly, I also just really like my thirty-minutes to three-hours without crazy in the morning.) I get the most done, and feel the most helpful when I am surrounded by people I love, especially when they are still sleeping. It’s like a race to see how much I can accomplish without anyone witnessing it. Weird, but it kind of makes me feel like a ninja, or Santa, bringing so much undercover awesomeness in the wee hours of the dawn that sometimes I almost trick myself into thinking someone else cleaned the house.

Try it. Sneak around your own house sometime early in the morning and see what you can get accomplished. Be super mom, a ninja, housewife-of-the-year, or a creepy little elf that snuck in and cleaned the house while you had magical dreams. Shower, drink some coffee, eat breakfast, read, relax, do laundry, do dishes, tidy up, anything! Then crawl back into bed and nap until it’s time to actually wake up and enjoy your peaceful, joy-filled morning!

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