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Vote Amber Smith, 2028.

I was a very strange child. I had huge dreams. I’ve never had a “things to do, places to see” type of bucket list, I had a “jobs I want to have” list. This mostly started in high school and I have been adding to it ever since. Some of them were far fetched. Others, more realistic. To be honest, reality starts at #6, but for the love of the next generation don’t be a dream squisher! So, please enjoy my ridiculous job list below.

  1. President of the United States of America 2028
  2. Victoria’s Secret Angel
  3. Olympian
  4. Cover Model of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
  5. CEO of Google
  6. Bartender
  7. Personal Trainer
  8. Own a Boxing Gym
  9. Own a sandwich restaurant
  10. Professional Organizer
  11. Event Planner
  12. Professional Figure Competitor

As a kid, (and by kid I mean teenager), I had big dreams. I haven’t stopped dreaming, but my dreams have changed. I still can’t stand dream squishers though. I went to college with the intent of being the first female President. (There are at least two half-page sports articles and a spanish presentation that reference this from high school…) And you know what, everyone thought I was crazy, but some of my closest allies also thought I might just be able to do it because I believed like all get out that I could.

Lot’s of people told me I couldn’t, and the more they told me that, the more I wanted to prove them wrong. I eventually decided that my pep, optimism, and belief that the world is good would be better suited for a different career, one I still haven’t added to my list of jobs yet. But I beg you, don’t be a dream squisher. Whatever that little kid says they want to be when they grow up- encourage the hell out of it. Who knows- you might be their biggest role model and the reason they pursued their big dream.

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