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Wake up early, be a ninja.

Something I have always loved doing is waking up before everyone else. I love when the house is quiet and I can get things accomplished. (Selfishly, I also just really like my thirty-minutes to three-hours without crazy in the morning.) I get the most done, and feel the most helpful when I am surrounded by people I love, especially when they are still sleeping. It’s like a race to see how much I can accomplish without anyone witnessing it. Weird, but it kind of makes me feel like a ninja, or Santa, bringing so much undercover awesomeness in the wee hours of the dawn that sometimes I almost trick myself into thinking someone else cleaned the house.

Try it. Sneak around your own house sometime early in the morning and see what you can get accomplished. Be super mom, a ninja, housewife-of-the-year, or a creepy little elf that snuck in and cleaned the house while you had magical dreams. Shower, drink some coffee, eat breakfast, read, relax, do laundry, do dishes, tidy up, anything! Then crawl back into bed and nap until it’s time to actually wake up and enjoy your peaceful, joy-filled morning!

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