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Suit up.

I LOVE birthdays! Before I graduated high school I knew almost every single one of my class mates birthdays. I am horrible at remembering names. As I ventured into college, in a new territory of unfamiliar people whose names I didn’t know, I quickly resorted to asking the question: When is your birthday? As odd and strange as it may be, I know a TON of birthdays, and when I think about someone or I am looking at the calendar, that is often one of the first things that comes to mind. With names, I am also horrible about calling people or mailing things on time. Chances are, I was the first person to remember it was your birthday, and the last to wish you it. (A fact I am not proud of. However, my little cousin turns One on Thursday, and he already received his present! Woo.)

My track team has an annual talent show, and aside from my athletic abilities, I have little stage worthy talent and public speaking makes me really nervous. So, I did what any sane business student would do and I “suited up” Barney Stinson style¬†and recited my entire teams birthdays, a total of about 50, in around two minutes. Creepy? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Talent? Well, the jury is out, but I did get a pretty good score.


Above is a picture of me in my “Birthday Suit” after completing my talent without any major errors. Trust me, Barney Stinson has great advice, at least in the clothing category. When you look good, anything really is possible.¬†

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